Diversity book

We’re creating a book!

The book is essentially a compilation of stories and experiences of real life situations.

The book would help epitomize the perspectives of

  • professionals who have worked in international organizations. For example in roles spanning various industries, backgrounds, interdisciplinary / cross-functional teams, cross cultural teams or having worked closely with people from various nationalities
  • students studying abroad or perhaps in a region with a culture different to the one they grew up in, adapting to a strange new environment
  • anyone who has had to live or travel abroad and experienced the beauty and/or complications of understanding a different culture

We keep stories authentic, and take the reader through an actual experience. Stories of hardship, strength and resilience are as welcome as those of despair, humor or irony.

Interested to be a part of this project?

If you are interested to share your experience and want to reach a wide audience, get in touch with us on thebookproject@ns1.ams39.siteground.eu.

If you wish to contribute your story, do send us a short synopsis. If you’d like to contribute but aren’t super keen to pen your thoughts, we could arrange for an alternative means of getting your contribution (maybe over a conversation or meeting).

If your contribution is chosen, you would be mentioned under the book’s ‘contributors’ section. If your contribution is significant (a bunch of stories / content), you would be mentioned in the ‘co-creators’ section.

The book will be made available to each contributor or co-creator for free. As a contributor or co-creator, you have the prerogative to have your name appear in the story you contribute. Any requests for anonymity would of course be honored.

Each contributor or co-creator will be given a digital copy pre-publishing to review and agree to your respective content before it is officially published.