Global Mindset

When you think about the movement of people through history, you can see there have been adventurers and travelers who documented their travels in strange new lands, bringing back with them the rich knowledge of the unseen world. They voyaged out into the open seas on rocky ships, combating extreme weather conditions with a passion so strong to discover new worlds, some even sacrificed their lives in pursuit of these dreams.

As mankind progressed, the ships turned to airplanes, and these adventurers were no longer a handful of souls who created history back in the day. Today it’s probably your American neighbour Harry. Who decided to study in Germany- to learn a new language, open up his job prospects and well, live life, have fun and learn something new. Or perhaps your Indian born friend Shilpa who hops from one country to the next, livin’ it up as a smooth Management Consultant.

Kudos to Harry and Shilpa for being the brave exalted souls epitomizing the modern global citizen. But let’s look beyond our Harrys and Shilpas. Let’s look at the peer groups and teams surrounding them. Let’s look at the world they live in. Not everybody is a Harry or Shilpa, who have taken a big decision to move out of the lifestyles they grew up with and explore the unknown. Take Michael, for example, a Swiss engineer born, bred and blissfully happy in Zurich.

Through some twist of fate let’s say Harry, Shilpa and Michael are to work together in a multidisciplinary team to create a new product for a multinational company based in Zurich. Each brings with them their professional expertise, but is that enough to create a great product?

This, fellow life traveller, is where the global mindset kicks in.